707 Squad


Concept art of 707 Squad. Star Wars stormtrooper variant. Clip Studio Paint was used.



This painting didn't turn out the way I imagined, but I did learned a lot from doing this painting. The painting did fit the very early concept, but as the painting progressed, the concept kept changing.

After the initial sketch, the painting needs time to mature in your head. As you look at the sketch over time, you might add new elements. At some point, there is nothing more you can do, but to start painting. It's rare that a new concept is fully formed and it's ready to paint.

Dragon Tattoo


Doing a tattoo style art was fun and a learning experience. Experimenting with different art style can expand your mind to what's possible, even if the style is far from your own work. It doesn't need to fit any academic mold or follow the latest trend.

AK Cosmonaut


This is one of my favorite t-shirt design I’ve done so far. I love the concept. Cosmonaut holding a AK47 in space and on the helmet it says vodka in russian.