Lucha Libre Fire


This is a second lucha libre theme t-shirt.

Lucha Libre Fire t-shirt is available for purchase.

Lucha Libre Thunder

For awhile I've been wanting to flex my graphic design skill for t-shirts and other products. What makes this creative process interesting is, illustration has no limit on what you can create. But when you're designing for a t-shirt, you have to consider how they're going look on an end product, so you have to work with in a set parameter. It's a completely different sandbox than illustrating, opening up to new visual abstracts.

Lucha Libre Thunder t-shirt is available for purchase.

Battle Fatigue


Coming back to this painting after several months. My old problem was still there, over analyzing the painting which drags everything down. This has frustrated me to no end. Pondering over every step means you take very few steps toward your goal. So I tried something different, just work with the flow or work within the flow. This change brought about the improvement I've been seeking for so long. Also this is a new direction for me in this genre of paintings. I look forward to exploring the new possibilities.